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Davis Bloome is a male television character that features in Smallville.



Davis Bloome's existence was linked to that of the dying world of Krypton during its final years before its destruction. He was created by Kryptonian geneticists in a laboratory with the intention of making him a powerful biological weapon designed to adapted in any environment.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Bloome's genetically engineered nature meant that he was designed to survive in any environment. Upon landing on a world, his body took the form of the native dominant species allowing him to better blend in whilst his body changed into the true form of the destroyer. Upon reaching a certain age, these transformations grew with frequency and forced him to change into his true monstrous form which he had no control over. It was believed that several days within a crystal Kryptonian chrysalis would increase the transformation rate and bring about his change into his ultimate form.

The creature form of Davis Bloome was described as the ultimate destroyer and virtually undefeatable. It was designed to evolve and adapt to attacks made against it making similar attacks in the future useless against it.


  • Davis Bloome was portrayed by actor Sam Witwer with Alex Ferris playing a young version of the character.
  • The character was based on that of Doomsday.


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