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De Flores.

De Flores was a former Nazi who had survivied World War II and escaped to South America. De Flores was likely not his real name, as it was Spanish meaning "The Flower." During the war, he was one of Adolf Hitler's top aides. Hitler placed him in charge of locating the Nemesis so as to bring about the fabled Fourth Reich.

He and a group of loyal Neo-Nazis lived in relative seclusion in South America in an old German colonial mansion, forever monitoring the trajectory of the Nemesis comet and awaiting its return. De Flores himself possessed Nemesis' bow.

When the comet returned and crashed in Windsor in 1988, de Flores took his best men and flew to England hoping to claim the statue contained within for themselves, but de Flores was stymied when he discovered the crucial arrow was not inside the comet with the statue. He didn't suspect that Lady Peinforte had the arrow. An attack by a group of Cybermen hoping to steal the statue led to all of de Flores' men except for Karl being killed. The two escaped to their van.

During the fight with the Cybermen, de Flores didn't know that the Doctor had stolen the bow from its carrying case. Still thinking he possessed it, the old Nazi made a bargain with the Cyber Leader, promising to kill the Doctor and Lady Peinforte for them if they would allow Nazis to rule half of the Earth. Having figured out the Cybermen's weakness against gold, de Flores planned to betray them after he had all three components to the Nemesis.

After retrieving the statue and the arrow, de Flores doublecrossed the Cybermen only to realize that the bow was missing. He and Karl were taken prisoner, and de Flores began the process of cyber-conversion. However Karl freed him and the two escaped. Later, after Ace had taken out all of the Cybermen except for the Leader, de Flores returned and reclaimed the bow, only to be shot and killed by the Cyber Leader.

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