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The Disciples of the Watch is a group that features in The Omen universe.



The Disciples of the Watch were a large cult of Satanists that were situated in the United Kingdom who worshipped the Antichrist. They eventually came to follow their leader when he was born as Damien Thorn. During the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Damien ordered his disciples on the morning of March 24 to perform a "Massacre of the Innocents". This involved the murder of every boy in the country between midnight and 6am on the expected time of the Second Coming. This was an attempt to avert the prophesized defeat of Thorn at the hands of the reborn Jesus Christ. Thus, the Disciples of the Watch were responsible for the death of hundreds of baby boys in England and Scotland that were born at the expected time. Despite their attempts, their leader the Anti-Christ was ultiamtely killed and the fate of the cult was largely unknown.


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  • The Omen III: The Final Conflict

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