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Doc Rocket is the name shared by two superheroes from the Awesome universe.

Doc Rocket (Dr. Rex Richards)

Super-speedster hero of the 1940s, alias Dr. Rex Richards, who was a member of the Allied Supermen of America. He allegedly got his powers by injecting rocket fuel into his veins, though later heroes doubted that story. After the Allied Supermen disbanded, he settled down with fellow member Alley Cat. Their granddaughter became the second Doc Rocket.

Doc Rocket (Dr. Rachel Richards)

Granddaughter of the original Doc Rocket. Inheriting her powers from her grandfather, she was also a prodigy, being an established doctor at a New York hospital by age 16. She became the new Doc Rocket when she joined the new Youngblood.


The original Doc Rocket is an obvious homage to the original Flash. The second Doc Rocket may be a homage to Jesse Quick, who is also the female inheritor of a Golden Age speedster's legacy.

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