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Doc Tempest was the nemesis of Tom Tom, who possessed the ability to control the weather with his mind, and direct it with his gestures. After Tom Tom was "destroyed" in battle with Sergeant States, Tempest deduced Tom Tom's true identity- Patricia Carthy- after checking local papers and seeing the report of a girl with severe sunburn. Tracking Carthy to Castletown Royal Infirmary, Tempest quietly wheeled her outdoors and attempted to kill her. Although he nearly succeeded, knocking Carthy out of her wheelchair, he exerted his powers too strongly. Tempest created such powerful winds that it tossed around Carthy's wheelchair, which hit him in the neck and knocked him out.

Apparently paralyzed from the neck down (at least temporarily), he was denied his revenge- but became quite pleased when he learned he could still move his tongue.

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