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Doctor Druid is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




Anthony Ludgate Druid

Though a hero, he did not pursue this career and instead became obsessed with his studies leading to him disappearing from public life. (Dr. Strange v1 #4)


Stephen called him into the operation room to help with a crisis as his patient turned out to be a disguised demon that was set to explode. Doctor Druid used his magic to teleport the demon into all his plants on the roof of the hospital so that it would detonate harmlessly. With the danger averted, Ludgate then used his powers to wipe the hospital staff of the incident. (Dr. Strange v1 #4)


Personality and attributes

It was said that he was an arrogant man who was one of those people that everyone seemed to like yet at the same time was someone that no one liked either. (Dr. Strange v1 #4)

He came to learn that he was a direct descendant of Amergin Gluingel who was an ancient druid with this sparking Ludgate fascination in the religion. (Dr. Strange v1 #4)

There was said to be an undercurrent of resentment from Anthony over Doctor Strange being his replacement as Sorcerer Supreme. (Dr. Strange v1 #4)

Powers and abilities

He could draw his powers of sorcery from nature that he used to keep his vitality making him appear younger. Over the decades, he came to had refined his abilities which included telepathy, hypnotism and telekinesis. (Dr. Strange v1 #4)


  • Doctor Druid was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where he made his first appearance in Amazing Adventures v1 #1 (June, 1961).

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  • Amazing Adventures v1:
  • Druid v1:
  • Dr. Strange v1:

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