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Doctor Minerva is a female extraterrestrial comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



She came to learn from the Supreme Intelligence that the Kree were trapped in a stagnant state in the evolutionary ladder. Thus, they were at risk of being surpassed by other species such as humanity. To that end, she devoted her research into finding a way of evolving her race leading to her studying the gene-patterns of the entire Kree species. Ultimately, she determined that she herself along with a mate could produce superior offspring that would be the foundation for the Kree to renew themselves on an evolutionary basis. After scanning through the gene-profiles of many others, she came to determine that the only other person to share a matching genetics with her was the exiled Captain Mar-Vell who now resided on Earth as a superhero. Upon arriving on Earth, she began observing Mar-Vell secretly before kidnapping his compatriot Rick Jones thus bringing Captain Marvel to her ship. She was prepared to force him to submit to a mating between the pair but Phae-Dor of the Supreme Science Council ordered the termination of her mission and instead she was to bring Mar-Vell to the Kree homeworld. However, Minerva refused to abandon her experiment leading to Phae-Dor remotely knocking her out and creating a powerful energy duplicate of himself on her science cruiser to capture Mar-Vell. (Captain Marvel v1 #52)

She later came to Earth in order to embark on a new attempt at revitalising the Kree race by creating super-soldiers. This involved hiring human criminals and using them to capture an Inhuman Terrigenesis cocoon where she intended to use its malleable gene-structure to achieve her goal. During the escape, she was confronted by the new Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man who sought to stop her leading to Doctor Minerva using the enhancements to turn into a massive monstrous form to battle the superhero pair. (Amazing Spider-Man v3 #7)

Minn-Erva continued her efforts at trying to save her people from genetic extinction and felt the best option was through Carol Danvers. However, she was uncertain that Danvers would agree to this proposal and thus secretly revealed to the world that Carol was part-Kree. This was under the belief that a rejection by humanity would lead Carol to side with the Kree. Doctor Minerva continued her experiments in the mean time in ensuring the survival of the Kree race leading to her taking human volunteers that were injected with Kree blood. The process was meant to confer superpowers to these people and Minn-Erva had hoped that one subject would develop the unique genetic mix. A single subject named Ripley Ryan managed to successfully bond the two different genetic strains but lacked powers. Thus, Minn-Erva sought to take these powers from Carol and engineered a Kraken that she unleashed on the city that contained a virus that infected Captain Marvel. This virus was designed to siphon her abilities and transfer them over to Ripley who assumed the mantle of a new superhero known as Star. During this time, Minn-Erva tried once more to convince Carol to join the Kree cause and save her people from extinction. This was witnessed by Ripley who felt betrayed by her benefactor and she attacked her leaving the Kree scientist badly wounded. Star then slowly worked against Carol due to her deep seated hatred of her and sought to turn the world against Captain Marvel. Initially, Danvers believed that Doctor Minerva was the mysterious Star but after finding her lab she found the Kree injured and helped in her recovery with Minn-Erva revealing the truth about Star. (Captain Marvel v10 #10)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

She was trained as a bio-scientist allowing her to study the genetics of others and looked into examining evolution. (Captain Marvel v1 #52)

Her body had a miniaturised set of control implants in her head allowing her to control her ship even if the physical control systems were damaged. This allowed her to summon its defensive systems to aid her against enemies. The control could be overridden by her superiors in the command chain allowing them to send powerful energy blasts through the ship against her. (Captain Marvel v1 #52)

Minn-Erva's genetic knowledge allowed her to create custom-engineered life forms in her laboratory such as the large Kraken. These creatures could then be outfitted with special viruses designed to infect specific people. (Captain Marvel v10 #10)


  • Doctor Minerva was created by Scott Edelman and Al Milgrom where she made her first appearance in Captain Marvel v1 #50 (May, 1977).

In other media


  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Minerva appeared in the animated television series starting in the episode "Gotta Get Outta This Place" where she was voiced by actor Marion Ross. This version was an elderly Kree woman who served as a warden for the prison station of Monolith of Justice.


  • In Captain Marvel, Minerva appeared in the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where she was portrayed by actor Gemma Chan.

Video games

  • In Avengers in Galactic Storm, Doctor Minn-Erva appeared as a playable character in the 1995 arcade video game.


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