Commander Dogstar

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Commander Dogstar

Commander Dogstar is a friend of Bucky O'Hare, and the captain of the SPACE frigate Indefagitable. A bloodhound, Dogstar has the uncanny ability to remember the scent of any criminal he has ever encountered (something which helped him figure out - too late, as it turned out - that Al Negator was a spy for the toads). He is also somewhat absentminded, tending to prattle on about heroic rhetoric, and requires his more down-to-earth companion Lt. Wolf to bring his mind back to the present.

Originally Dogstar and Wolf were simple police officers, entrusted by the United Mammal Security Council with arresting notorious criminals. But after the Toad Empire conquered Warren, the UAF commissioned the launching of a second frigate to compliment the Righteous Indignation, the Indefagitable, and Dogstar was named her captain. Since then Dogstar has joined Bucky and the Righteous Indignation's crew in their continuing battle against the toads.

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