Bucky O'Hare

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Captain Bucky O'Hare

Captain Bucky O'Hare is a green hare from the planet Warren. He is the captain of the SPACE frigate Righteous Indignation. His fellow ships the Indefagitable and the Screaming Mimi aside, he wages a one-rabbit war against the evil Toad Empire. Bucky entered the war against the toads when they killed his entire family (leaving only his Aunt Iris and lookalike cousin Jeffrey).

His hatred for the toads only increased when they conquered Warren using a climate converter, taking nearly all of his people as slaves. Most hares regard Bucky as their savior and hero, and Bucky, who has a deep-rooted love for both his own kind and his planet, is more than happy to step up and take on the role. He would ultimately succeed in first liberating his people from a slave factory on Kinnear, and then using a reprogrammed climate converter to free Warren, destroying KOMPLEX in the process with the help of Commander Dogstar's crew.

Arcade Game

Captain O'Hare commands the good ship Righteous Indignation, and attempts to stop the sinister Empire from conquering his homeworld of Warren. Although he succeeds in liberating both it and several other planets from the grip of the toads, the damage to them wrought by the climate converters seems irreparable. That is, until he is told by Ro-Dent the Old Mouse that he can use the Planetary Life-Force to restore them. Assisted by his faithful crew, Bucky fights his way through the Toad Mothership and ultimately the Toad Star, where they face and defeated KOMPLEX itself once and for all. They destroy the Toad Star, which contained the Life-Force, and the resultant shockwave scatters it throughout the Aniverse, sending it back to the planets it was stolen from.

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