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The Dominion are an empire that features in Anthem.



The Dominion were a human civilisation that came to form on the planet of Coda. Their origins were traced to long ago when mankind was enslaved by brutal aliens known as the Urgoth. This was until the creation of the Javelin where the first of these machines was worn by Helena Tarsis. Under her command, she rallied humanity into an army known as the Legion of Dawn that rose against their enslavers thus freeing them to form their own civilisation. However, General Tarsis herself died with this splintering the Legion which became divided into three factions that included the Dominion, the Sentinels and the Freelancers. Legionnaire Magna Stral was responsible for leading the group that became the Dominion where he along with his followers established their own empire and kingdom that was centred at Stralheim in the north. Unknown to many, the Dominion had to contend with attacks from the Urgoth on their territory. At some point, they pioneered the development of a new kind of Javelin known as the Storm. This used seal technology to boost the latent kinetic abilities of its pilot. The designs were later reverse engineered allowing for the Storm to be built in other parts of Bastion where it came to be used by the Freelancers.


In appearance, the Dominion was an expansionist militaristic regime that sought control over all of Coda. They were referred to as being conquerors from the north of Fort Tarsis. Technologically, they were noted for their advancements but their methods showed little regard to life or individuality.

Their military forces consisted:

  • Shocktroopers :
  • Valkyries :

An elite group within the Dominion were figures known as the Monitors that headed military efforts. Those selected for their ranks underwent special training to make them part of the near-omniscient secret police force.

The Dominion believed in harnessing the power of the Anthem of Creation and saw themselves as the chosen ones who could claim these instruments of the Shapers. Its citizens also came to believe that the humans of the southern regions were soft and weak compared to them.

It was known that they made use of Strider mechs that were large four-legged walkers that served as transports. These machines were armed with weapons allowing them to be used in sieges.

Their belief in harnessing the Anthem of Creation's power led to them engaging in numerous biological experiments.

Their empire was centred at the city of Stralheim located in the north.


  • Magna Stral : member of the Legion of Dawn who after General Tarsis's death splintered from the group where he founded the Dominion.
  • Armas Brom : a high ranking male who attained the rank of the Monitor where he led the efforts in trying to claim the Cenotaph in Bastion so that he could harness the power of the Anthem of Creation but was killed by the Freelancer.
  • Vara Brom : a female military officer who was the sister of Armas Brom where she was known as the Spear with her commanding the Valkyries that journeyed with the expedition to Bastion..
  • Harken :
  • Kelrick :
  • Gehert : a Dominion soldier who was part of the Monitor's expedition to the south.


  • The Dominion was created by BioWare where they featured in the setting of Anthem.
  • As noted on Gamesradar, head writer Cathleen Rootsaert said that, "The Dominion are also heirs to General Tarsis. It was after General Tarsis died that the Legion of Dawn split into its three sub-factions – the Freelancers, the Sentinels, and the Dominion."


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