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The Doomtrooper is a genetically engineered soldier that appears in the movie S.S. Doomtrooper.



The Doomtrooper is a Nazi supersoldier created by Professor Uller during World War II. It was mutated into a large monstrosity through the use of special radiation that converted an ordinary Human into this engine of destruction. The project was greenlighted by the Germans in order to create a soldier that would be sent to battle the Allied forces. It was dispatched into a French village in order to deal with a team of American as well as British commandos that had come to destroy the laboratory it was created.

Once deployed, the Doomtrooper quickly demonstrated the fact that it was a weapon that killed indiscriminately be it Allied or German soldiers.


In appearance, the creature was far larger then a Human and possessed a blueish skin with glowing veins near its neck. Its face was never seen as a strong helmet protected it and it only piece of clothing were the large trousers and boots it wore. Originally, it possessed a weapon harness across its right shoulder where a large machine gun was attached to its right arm. This weapon could be fire quickly allowing the Doomtrooper to level an entire regiment of enemy troops easily. Despite this, the ammo was limited and once finished, the harness could be ejected.

Other weapons used by the Doomtrooper was its incredible strength allowing it to crush its enemies with its bare hands. In addition to this, the radiation that made the creature was capable of being discharged through the creatures hands. This was demonstrated by the monster when it simply grabbed an enemy and let loose the energy which was capable of disintegrating the body of a Human being. This radiation was capable of being generated through doors suggesting its conductive. This energy appears a a blue/whiteish electric energy.

The Doomtrooper was also amazingly resilient; able to witstand machine gun fire, four grenades, a tank shell, a flamethrower blowing up in its face and even surviving the detonation of an ammunition depot. It was explained that the creature possessed potent regenerative capabilities allowing it to quickly return to the battlefield. Strangely though, it did not seem to regrow its cut off hand at the end of the movie. Furthermore, its shown that the only thing capable of destroying the creature was the same energy that gave birth to it.

Nothing was demonstrated of its intelligence or personality except that it was relentless and focused on a single goal which was the destruction of its enemies. It only showed respect for one authority and that was its creators.


  • The soldiers seems to be inspired by the Ubersoldat from the video game Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  • Physically, the body of the Doomtrooper resembles that of the Hulk.
  • The creature was made entirely through CGI effects.


  • S.S. Doomtrooper:

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