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Dorothea is an organization that features in Fairy Gone.



Dorothea was a government organization that was formed in the aftermath of the War of Unification when the Unified Zesskia Empire was forged. With the lands united, many Fairy Soldiers lacked a purpose and began to cause chaos with their powers. In response, the governmental Ministry of Fairies established the agency Dorothea with the sole purpose of combat illegal fairy users.

During the transport of the Fairy weapon, the train convoy came under attack from Beevee Liscar and his band of mercenaries. This saw the weapon being taken and led to the death of Dorothea member Oz Mare.


In appearance, Dorothea was an organization that operated in the role of an illegal fairy regulation agency. It was a branch of the Ministry of Fairies of Zesskia with their mission being to respond to handle illegal fairy usage.

It was divided into a number of units led by skilled agents that were sent on a variety of missions. Operatives were known to go undercover to infiltrate criminal organizations in order to shut down illegal fairy operations.

To aid them in battle, agents were known to go through fairy organ transplants allowing them to wield fairies in battle. This involved a surgery being conducted and if compatible then the operative could summon the fairy at a moments notice in a fight. Technically, the implantation of these organs was considered illegal but were allowed for missions. However, if the Dorothea agent was killed then their body was taken away by the Ministry of Fairies due to the fairy organs in the body.

Local police forces could be co-opted by agents of Dorothea in order to help them apprehend criminals.


  • Nein Auler : female Director and head of the agency.
  • Free Underbar : male Deputy Commander of the First Unit.
  • Marlya Noel :
  • Klara Kisenaria :
  • Serge Tovah :
  • Lily Heineman :
  • Robert Chase :
  • Oz Mare :
  • Eleanor Need :


  • Dorothea was created by Kenichi Suzuki and Ao Jūmonji where it featured in the setting of Fairy Gone.


  • Fairy Gone:

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