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The Dorssia Military Pact Federation is a government that features in Valvrave the Liberator.



The Kingdom of Dorssia had existed for thousands of years and was once based at their old capital of Dorssiana. Originally, the country had formed as a result of a military alliance to serve only as a defensive organization to counter developed countries.

It was born from countless military treaties where it was active by the Year 71 of the True Calender. Around 12 years ago, a revolution engulfed the nation with Cain Dressel being in the centre of it. In the aftermath, the ruling royal family were overthrown with a new order replacing them. This event was known as Red Thursday and marked the day when Dorssia expanded its reach around the globe as a military state. However, a faction consisting of people that supported the old order survived with these forming the Dorssian Royalists that operated as an anti-government organization. During the New Guinea conflict two years ago, L-Elf was noted to had eliminated an entire battalion of five thousand strong men by himself.

Dorssia were engaged in an invasion of the JIOR mainland in a conflict known as the Third Blitz War with the Ideal Blume mobile weapons being instrumental revolutionary weapon for this war.

Through the manipulation of the Council of 101, Dorssia manufactured the view that the people of Module 77 were no longer humans and were in fact feeding on other humans. This was achieved by using the captive Saki Rukino where they killed her only for her to heal her wounds due to her changed body and using footage of people having their Runes removed. As a result, the ARUS delegation declared the Module 77 inhabitants as hostile category 7 non-human lifeforms leading to a surprise military assault where they began killing the students of the Module. Dorssia claimed that this was the reason for their assault on JIOR where they stated that they had discovered the existence of the monstrous Module 77 children who they desired to eliminate. This lie was used by the Magius who had the ARUS President declare an end to intra-species hostilities in order to unify mankind under the ARUS-Dorssia Alliance. Despite the massacre at Module 77, a number of the students managed to escape with the aid of the Valvraves.


As a nation, it views that life was strived for by its citizens with this providing freedom and equality. Power was seen as essential in bringing justice and enforce politics. Dorssia believed that a nation gave them power and its greatest mission was the protection of its citizens safety which was why it maintained a huge army.

Captive Dorssian soldiers were expected to interrogated in accordance to the New Guinea Agreement. Under the treaty, it was not allowed for a captive enemy combatant to deprive them of nutrients. Similarly, it forbid the use of weapons such as poison gas on their enemies.

The crest of the royal family had seven dragons and the symbol at any facility indicated its use for the royals.

One body within their nation was the Karlstein Institute that specialised in raising elite operatives. Oversight was made by the Karlstein Agency that crafted seemingly typical settlements but these were top-secret facilities that trained Dorssian agents from childhood. They were trained to kill anyone suspicious such as informants or deserters or witnesses without hesitation. When inducted, the children had their names stripped from them and had a more numeric identifier given to them.

Another unit within their military navy was the Dorssian Lunar Forces.

A weapon outfitted in their capital ships was the superconductive fluid accelerator cannon that was heavy siege artillery that suffered from poor accuracy.

Dorssia had a number of mecha craft that they used in the field which included:

  • Nw507Un Unmanned Waffe :
  • Nw507Be Manned Waffe :
  • Erpf129-z5 Kirschbaum :

The pride of the Dorssian army was the Ideal Blume mobile base weapon. These craft established a bridgehead by making assault landings inside an enemy lines.


Dorssian officers.
  • Manninger : an older male Commodore who commanded a fleet that launched a surprise attack on Module 77.
  • Delius Wartenberg : a bald male Rear Admiral that led a force to prevent Module 77 from reaching the Moon.
  • Cain Dressel :
  • L-Elf : he gained the moniker 'One-man army' for the elimination of a five thousand strong enemy battalion in New Guinea.
  • X-Eins :


  • The Dorssia Military Pact Federation were antagonists that featured in the Valvrave the Liberator series.


  • Valvrave the Liberator:

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