Dr. Bukovsky

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Dr. Bukovsky.

Dr. Bukovsky was the administrator of the ESA's Space Research Centre in London. He was good friends with American ESA officer Colonel Tom Carlsen. When the space shuttle Churchill returned to Earth with its entire crew except for a missing Carlsen mysteriously burned to death, and three nude humanoid aliens contained in crystalline cases in the ship's tugbay, he ordered an examination of one of them, the lone female of the trio. However, she awoke in the examination room, seducing and kissing a security guard.

Witnessing the scene occur on a security camera, Bukovsky ran down to the lab, only to find the guard was dead, having been shrivelled up like a mummy, drained of his lifeforce. The alien woman attempted to do the same to him, but Bukovsky was saved when Dr. Hans Fallada and several others came running after Fallada saw what was happening on the same security camera as before. The woman abandoned her attempt to drain Bukovsky and escaped from the building.

Although he had survived, Bukovsky reported feeling uneasy, weak and naseous when questioned by the SAS' Colonel Colin Caine. He had to excuse himself, and spent most of the rest of the duration of the "space vampire" crisis attempting to recover in his office. He was however able to meet with Carlsen when the American was recovered in an escape pod in Texas, the sole survivor of the doomed Churchill mission. He explained to Bukovsky, Caine and Fallada how the Churchill had found an ancient alien spacecraft hidden in the tail of Halley's Comet, and found the three nude humanoids in their cases on board and decided to bring them back to Earth for study.

Due to his condition, Bukovsky stayed at the Space Research Centre while Carlsen and Caine tracked the woman, but it turned out that she was merely leading them away from London so her two male cohorts (who eventually escaped as well) could spread the energy vampirism like a plague throughout the city. Anyone who had their lifeforce drained by the vampires would eventually arise as an energy vampire themselves, needing to suck another person's lifeforce within two hours or else they would disintegrate into dust. Bukovsky was killed in the chaos which the vampires plunged London into.

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