Dr. Phorbus

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Dr. Phorbus

Dr. Phorbus was a scientist who sought to create the ultimate super soldier by breeding a race of humanoid reptilian warriors. To this end, on a secluded, mist-enshrouded island, he and his assistant, Simon, used the cells from dinosaur bones to clone living dinosaurs. Phorbus tampered with them however, mixing and matching them in a variety of different mutations including a winged tyrannosaurus rex and a pterodactyl with a brontosaurus' head.

His ultimate creation was the Reptilian, a cross between a human and a dinosaur, who obeyed Phorbus' commands. Hoping to sell an army of these creatures to an unnamed foreign power, Phorbus dispatched the Reptilian to destroy a naval radar installation. Although the demonstration impressed his would-be backers it resulted in his old colleague Dr. Benton Quest arriving at the island to investigate. Dr. Quest and Race Bannon were captured by Simon and Phorbus' henchman Patch and brought to Phorbus' compound, protected from the dinosaurs by a forcefield.

Phorbus ordered Simon and Patch to dispose of Bannon but he kept Quest in his laboratory and showed him his incomplete Reptilian army. In the meantime, Bannon escaped with the help of Jonny and Hadji and sabotaged the compound's generator, shutting off the forcefield. Although Dr. Quest escaped, Phorbus, Simon and Patch were apparently killed by being buried in rubble when the winged tyrannosaur attacked the building. However their bodies were never found.

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