Rabel Salazar

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Dr. Salazar

Dr. Rabel Salazar was a descendent of the Malenque an ancient Amazonian tribe who researched the plague that had killed most of his people, after his brother, Colonel Salazar, found the mummified remains of the Malenque. He planned to use the residual bacteria, harvested from the infected mummies, to engineer a deadly plague with which to take over the world. He alone held the antidote, kept in a medallion he wore around his neck. He was a ruthless and sadistic man, even testing the plague on one of his own henchmen. He also infected Jessie Bannon.

Jonny Quest and Hadji Singh discovered his plot along with Jessie, during which time Jessie was infected with the disease when Salazar threw a vial of it at her. He left in the Quests' helicopter but Jonny and Race Bannon, using Colonel Salazar's Jeep, chased him. Jonny got aboard the chopper and the henchman who was with Salazar at the time fell out. As Jonny and Salazar struggled over the controls the chopper crashlanded in the pit where the infected mummies were.

To their horror, the mummies began coming alive. One of them explained that they had been the ones to create the disease which destroyed them, and that they would not let Salazar do it again. The mummies attacked the scientist, and a vial of the disease was shattered, infecting Salazar. He laughed, sayng he had the antidote, only for a mummy to snatch the medallion away and toss it aside. It was retrieved by Jonny, who then escaped. As Salazar succumbed to the disease, sparks from the crashed helicopter ignited some gasoline, and the mummies, and the disease, were incinerated in an explosion.

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