Dr. Zibaldo

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Dr. Zibaldo was a diminutive vulpine scientist who lived in a creepy old tower not far from Higher For Hire. His life's work involved creating a shrinking machine with which to make clothes smaller for easier packing during travel. After seeing a mad scientist in a horror movie, Molly Cunningham decided that Dr. Zibaldo himself was a mad scientist and, using her "alter-ego" Danger Woman, attempted to stop his "evil" experiments. Unfortunately she only got herself shrunken by the doctor's machine by accident.

Zibaldo then used the machine to shrink Baloo, Rebecca Cunningham, and the Sea Duck so they could search for Molly, remembering too late that he hadn't bothered to invent a machine to make things big again. However, with Kit Cloudkicker's help, Zibaldo managed to rewrire the shrinking machine, making everyone big again after they'd saved Molly from a rat. Following this, Zibaldo gave up on the shrinking machine for reasons unknown, and went on to invent television instead.

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