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The Dreadnoks are a gang that feature in G.I. Joe.



The Dreadnoks were originally a violent biker gang who enjoyed causing destruction and mayhem anywhere they went where they came to operate as mercenaries for other organizations.


All Dreadnoks tended to be uncouth and violent, and usually engaged their enemies with unconventional, creative and usually many crude weaponry. They also had the habit of torturing captured enemies, usually in bizarre ways such as exposure to pain-inducing laughing gas or tossing victims into pools of man-eating piranhas.

Many of the Dreadnoks were known to use holographic technology and other means to disguise themselves.

Their headquarters was a compound hidden somewhere in the Florida Everglades.


  • Zartan : the leader of the Dreadnoks who was believed to have had European military academy training and was hired as an espionage agent. He was a master of disguise through masks, make-up, holograms and hypnosis, as well as ventriloquism and linguistics with him knowing 20 languages and dialects. Another special trait only he was known to have is the ability to change the color of his skin to blend in with his background through genetic manipulation experiments. As a side effect to the gene splicing, he was allergic to sunlight, which threw off his camouflage ability. As well, he was a highly skilled martial artist and a master of the bow.
  • Zanya : the tough and tenacious daughter of Zartan who never knew her father until she sought him out. As a child, she stole and panhandled where she came to learn to take down opponents many times her size by using hand-to-hand combat.
  • Zarana :
  • Zandar :
  • Buzzer :
  • Ripper :
  • Torch :
  • Burn Out : a black male named Walter O. Jones who was a mechanical genius that could have been an engineer had he not dropped out of a top technical school during freshman orientation. When not engaging in destructive jobs, he spent his time making custom motorcycles. Jones also had an amazing talent towards assuming another person's body language and speech patterns.
  • Chop Shop :
  • Crusher :
  • Demolishor : a male named Sukko Torngark who was an eye-patch wearing aboriginal native of Pikangikum in Ontario. He grew up in the frigid northern reaches of the Canadian wilderness and eked out an existence as a nomadic hunter where he developed a near superhuman threshold to pain. To relieve his growing depression, he started to become an amateur demolitions enthusiast but came to run out of things to destroy at his home and started to become restless. Seeking to vent his frustrations, he came to hear of a band of social miscreants and sought them out by heading to Florida where eventually he came upon Dreadnok territory.
  • Death Metal
  • Gnawgahyde :
  • Thrasher :
  • Heartwrencher :
  • Machete :
  • Road Pig :
  • Storm Rider :
  • Torch :
  • Zanzibar :


  • The Dreadnoks featured in the setting of G.I. Joe where they made their first appearance in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #25 (July, 1984).
  • As detailed on CBR, an interview with Larry Hama in ToyFare magazine in "ToyFare Q&A: Larry Hama" (1998) revealed that Hasbro wanted to capitalise on the popularity of the Ewoks in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi and wanted the villain Zartan to lead humanoid bears against G.I. Joe. Hama was critical of this proposal and told Hasbro that, "you can't have the good guys running around shooting at teddy bears." This led to him pitching the idea that the Dreadnoks were instead bikers with his idea becoming the theme behind them.

In other media


  • In G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, the Dreadnoks appeared in the 1985 animated Sunbow television series starting from the episode "The Revenge of Cobra".



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