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Dream Demons are entities that feature in Dream Eater Merry.



Dream Demons (夢魔 Muma) were a race of beings that inhabited the other realm of Dream World. They were said to had been born from human dreams and encountered humans when they slept where they entered the dreams.

At some point, a powerful demon by the name of Pharos Hercules emerged who gathered others under his banner with the goal of breaking the barrier between the Dream World and Human World. To achieve that end, he intended to break the Gate allowing Dream Demons to manifest on Earth without the need of human vessels.


In appearance, the form of a Dream Demon varied greatly with no set shape or features among their kind. Some have appeared similar to humans whilst another resembled an angel with others showing more inhuman forms.

Each demon lived in a dream world unique to them and different from another of their kind.

Dream Demons typically were unable to enter the human world by themselves but coukd do so through a human vessel. The power to cross over into the human world was said to be a traumatic experience. In some cases, a demon could manifest physically into the real world without the need of a vessel. Gaining a vessel involved invading the dreams of a human. After gaining the vessel, the demon remained bound to that body and unable to change it or return to the Dream World. At this point, the Dream Demon became intrinsically linked to the vessels dreams and aspirations. As such, killing the demon meant effectively killing the vessels dreams leaving the host in a near coma-like state. When manifesting in a vessel, a humans eyes and their shadow took on the characteristics of the Dream Demon.

It was said that if killed in the real world then the Dream Demon was destroyed and was not returned back to the Dream World.


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  • Dream Demons were created by Ushiki Yoshitaka where they featured in the setting of Dream Eater Merry.


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