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The Dreamweaver was a technological artifact that featured in an episode of the Silver Surfer animated series.


The Dreamweaver was an artifact of unknown origin that was used by various cultures to give substance to their deepest hopes and desires. This was done so that the others were capable of uniting to work towards that goal together. Essentally, this allowed spiritualists to meet new challenges by entering the dream. The inhabitants of Zenn-La were known to make use of Dreamweavers for this task and made use of the crystal to better attain enlightenment.

The people of the planet Harmony, however, perverted the use of the Dreamweaver by hooking it into a machine which broadcasted a collective dream to the entire inhabitants of the world. This was because the people of Harmony longed to attain peace like the name of their home world but their warrior side craved battle. This left the people confused and lost until the Dreamweaver was activated whereupon all the inhabitants were left in a dream state which showed a paradise where everyone was a warrior and champion that fought illusionary opponents. This was perfect for the residents of the dream who fought phantom opponents incapable of defeating them and due to the Dreamweaer state they were incapable of regaining awareness of past events thus making them more involved in the dream.

The Silver Surfer after discovering Thanos nearing Harmony attempted to inform the natives only to discover the Dreamweaver. He attempted to disconnect the device but this caused great pain to the residents of the dream as they believed that the imaginery paradise was their new reality and did not wish to return to the real world. Some had become so engrained in the dream that their physical forms became either overfed or underfed yet the dream made them all appear as perfect as well as beautiful. After convincing Beta Ray Bill to return to reality, the Dreamweaver was used against Thanos who was left within his own dream concept of fulfillment which caused him to forget about the planet Harmony. Unfortuantely, this act to affect a being as powerful as Thanos meant that the Dreamweaver was used up.

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