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Ebon is a male cartoon supervillain that features in DC Comics.



Ivan Evans

During their escape, Static and D-Struct attempted to depart through an abandoned subway train when they were pursued by the Meta-Breed. Ebon intended to eliminate the pair until Static used his powers to lighten up the subway carriage thus banishing Ivan's shadow form.

He was later following and spying on Static after the hero had captured Talon during an attempted robbery at a shopping mall whereupon he was put on a police lock-down. During this time, Ebon abducted Richie Foley in order to blackmail Static to free Talon.

Ebon has tried to get his brother, the Rubberband Man, to join up with the Meta-Breed - going as far as to frame him for a prison-break.

Whilst in prison, Ebon, Talon and Hotstreak were freed from jail by Madelyn Spaulding who announced herself as the new leader of the Meta-Breed with her recruiting the group into her gang. However, control over the group became fragmented as both Ebon and Spaulding sought to be leader leading to a power struggle. Spaulding was exhausted in defeating Ebon which allowed for Static, Gear and Shebang to make quick work of the Meta-Breed.

Ebon has tried to learn Static's secret identity. He was once able to go back in time to try and cause an earlier, larger Big Bang, which would turn Dakota's entire population into Meta-Humans. Static, Gear, and Time-Zone thwarted this plan.

He later recruited a group of underground Bang-Babies called the Night-breed to help him take over the city. This plan was also thwarted when the Night-breed turned on him. When the cure was spread throughout the city, Ebon stole the last of the Big-Bang gas and used it with Hotstreak. They then fused together and began causing havoc.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Ebon has shadow powers, labeling himself the "Master of shadows and darkness"; a transmorph, he is a living shadow, with the ability to use shadows to his liking: he can slide on wall surfaces, go under doors, through cracks; he can also become an inter-dimensional portal, able to take others with him; he can also make shadow portals to teleport things through, furthermore Ebon's powers are a reference to Obsidian's and Shadow Thief's. He is also a physical shapeshifter capable of twisting at the same level as his brother Rubber-Band Man. But, despite this amount of power, Ebon also has two major weaknesses: he can be physically harmed like any normal person(though he can quickly recover due to his shadow form), and intense light is like Kryptonite to Ebon. It was exploiting this weakness that lead to Static first defeating him, producing light with his electromagnetic power.


  • Ebon was voiced by Gary Sturgis.
  • As Ebon's brother Rubber-Band Man was named for his creators, Milestone writers Adam Blaustein and Yves Fezzani, Ebon's given name, "Ivan", is likely to be a nod to former Static and Blood Syndicate comic writer Ivan Velez, jr..


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