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The Ecliptic Express was a train owned by the Umbrella Corporation, used to transport employees to and from the Arklay Mountains on a private railroad track running between the mountain region and Raccoon City. In 1998, Umbrella decided to reopen its training facility, which was located in the Arklay Mountains, and sent a trainload of employees aboard the Ecliptic Express.

En route the train was attacked by mutant leeches controlled by James Marcus and everyone on board was killed. Later the train was used as a refuge by escaped convict Billy Coen. STARS member Rebecca Chambers, searching for Coen, also boarded the train. Not long after, guards under orders from Albert Wesker took control of the train and started driving it to the training facility, presumably for an investigation.

However Marcus' leeches attacked and killed the guards, leaving the train speeding towards the facility with no one driving it. Coen and Chambers managed to slow the Ecliptic Express down enough that when it ultimately crashed into the training facility's train station, only the engine and first few cars overturned, allowing them to survive the impact.

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