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The Eden Council.

Eden is an organization that features in Code:Breaker.



It was founded around a 100 years ago during the Meiji Era by the Emperor, Heike, Sakurakouji Sakurako, and Zed The Hero.

Members of Eden later defected with this group seeking to accomplish a terrorist coup. The newly inducted Hitomi was deployed alongside other Code: Breakers to eliminate the threat that was headed by a person with powers. In the resultant skirmish, the majority of the Code: Breakers were killed leaving Hitomi the only survivor. He was then selected to becoming the new Code 1 and leader of the Code: Breakers.


Ultimate authority over the organization lay with the Prime Minister of Japan. An Eden Council was responsible for the general management of the organization. This included meetings with its elite Code: Breakers. The Council was responsible for overseeing the induction and promotion of a Code: Breaker.

It agents were the individuals known as the Code: Breakers that were elite operatives that were deployed as assassins. This mysterious organization gave orders to their agents to eliminate corrupt politicians or protect individuals from assassination attempts. Despite their use of the Code: Breakers, they tended to be quite dismissive of them and referred to them as being dogs. In fact, the leaders of Eden were shown to hold no regret in getting rid of a Code: Breaker if they were deemed no longer useful or if they were deemed a threat.


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