Edmund Hoover

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Edmund Hoover was a renowned collector of rare books and a member of the Cult of Gozer. He was also a serial killer, and in 1924 had murdered four women, styling himself "The Collector." Expressing interest in the Gozerian Codex, he sought to obtain the book through librarian Dr. Eleanor Twitty. When she refused to give it to him, he killed her. Tried and executed for his crimes, Hoover vowed he would return one day as a god named Azetlor, a deity from Sumerian mythology who ruled over the lost. Hoover was true to his word. In the form of Azetlor, he haunted the New York Public Library, serving as the guardian of its mandala for his former associate Dr. Ivo Shandor, so that spiritual energy could be funneled through the city to create a destructor form for Shandor, who at the time was possessing the body of Mayor Jock Mulligan. The Ghostbusters fought and defeated "Azetlor," shutting down the library's mandala node.

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