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Eidolon Warwear in War Machine v1 #19.

Eidolon Warwear is a type of armor that features in Marvel Comics.



They were an alien suits of armor that were products of xenotechnology. (War Machine v1 #20)


These bodygloves provided their wearers with superhuman abilities including super-strength, flight, greater endurance and other such traits. (War Machine v1 #19) It responded to its user at the speed of thought with it responding in nanoseconds. (War Machine v1 #20) Through a simple command, the suit could disappear allowing the host to appear in its native form with only an Eidolon body-brand left on the skin. These hachures, mandalas, stigmata or insignia marked the user as a warrior of Eidolon forever. (War Machine v1 #19)

The warwear required an organic partner in order to function with them able to sense worthy hosts which it drew to them with the use of an empathic urge. (War Machine v1 #20)

These suits could 'read' their opponents where it analysed energy patterns, scanned heart rates and could check adrenals. The warwear could also analyse enemies through brief skin-contact with it able to determine the characteristics and traits of its enemies in that short span of time. (War Machine v1 #20) It had enhanced senses allowing it to see targets that were cloaked and detect such invisible opponents. (War Machine v1 #19)

With a mere thought, multiple drone remotes could unskin themselves the bodyglove of the warwear and could be commanded to fire. (War Machine v1 #19) They could be commanded to lay in wait to target opponents that had attacked the user. (War Machine v1 #20) Drone guns could be configured into various firing modes such as phased alpha-waves that affected a targets metabolism and causing the foe's brain to shutdown. They could fire a kilowatt of accelerated particles to knock out enemies. (War Machine v1 #20)


  • James Rhodes :


  • Eidolon Warwear was created by Dan Abnett and Fred Haynes where it made its first appearance in War Machine v1 #18 (September, 1995).

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, Eidolon Warwear appeared as an item that could be equipped on War Machine in the setting of the MMORPG.


  • War Machine v1:

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