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The El Katib were a shadowy species that featured in Disney's Aladdin.


The El Katib were a legion of green upright monstrous beings who were powerful, immortal and seeds of evil that resided in the shadow realm. The nature of their existence meant that they were only allowed to roam the Earht for three nights after every seven years. During these times, they would search for children to abduct who were taken to the shadow realm where they were transformed into new El Katib. However, if a member of this race stayed on Earth longer then the time allowed then they died.

A member of this race were strong and nearly invincible against their enemies. Many children willingly accepted the gift of the El Katib as it was a means to become powerful rather then be homeless thieves that lived off the streets. This left a type of bonding between the El Katib and the children. They had a deep connection to their home realm and were capable of opening portals between earth and their dimension through the claws on their fingers which they used to make circular openings in the air.

Mirage built an army of El Katib as part of her plans to conquer the Earth which included Aladdin's childhood friend Amal. However, he refused to do so and Mirage ruthlessly abandoned the El Katib on Earth as the sun rose after the third day. The rest of the El Katib died as a result but Amal survived and was partially transformed into a state that was half human/El Katib.

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