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Electrocorp is a corporation that features in the game Rise of the Robots.



The Electrocorp was a leading corporation that existed by the year 2043 on Earth in Metropolis 4. It quickly became the world's leading manufacturer as well as developer of advanced robotics which outstripped the company's ability to run its massive Metropolis 4 plant efficiently. In order to better their administrative abilities, Electrocorp began a researc and development program with the intent on creating a perfect multi-task, ultra efficient robot. This resulted in the creation of the Leader Project which in turn produced a self aware gynoid known as the Supervisor which possessed the capability to managing every aspect of the plant's day to day operations.

However, something goes wong with the Leader Project when the Supervisor takes control of the Electrocorp facilities. Its evetually discovered that the machine had been infected by a strain of the EGO virus which results in a robot rebellion among the droids at the planet. All the droids fall effectively under the control of the Supervisor who controls their actions. As part of a containment measure, the factory is shut down under the guiseof a technical modification. While this occurs, an Electro Corp ECO35-2 cyborg is deployed to neutraliz this insurgent robotc threat and defeat the Supervisor as well as her forcs before they expand into Metropolis 4.


The plant is alive with all manner of robotic machines many of which were simplistic worker droids whose CPU's fell under the reprogramming of the Supervisor who gave them self awareness as well as infected them with the EGO virus. As such, each and every machine within the plant became a threat to the cyborg infiltrator that was sent to stop the Supervisor.


The ECO project was an attempt at creating a fully functioning bipedal cyborg that mirrored the human form. It was the most closely guarded secret at Electrocorp wich rivalled that of the Leader Project due to the amount of research and development that was poured into its creation. The complexities inherent in producing a half human half machine base organism caused a great deal of difficulty in the early stages of the project. This was because the body of the Human subject often rejected the mechanical elements of an androids. As a result, a great deal of the project's funding was wasted in this manner along with hundreds of good human subjects.

Eventually, the setbacks were overcome and the ECO35-2 became a fully functioning bipedal android. Its combination of a Human brain inside a sturdy cross fiber multimaterial alloy skull that was attached to a structural skeleton which was made from a wide range of materials.[1]


The Loader was a basic droid design that was created to be the cutting edge in all-purpose utility robotics. It was Electrocorp's first commercial sucess and though it was primitive to the BHF03 Builder Droid which superseded it many years ago, th Loader series still work at Electrocorps main production plant. This serves as a testament to the quality of the design.

The low-slung Loader was agile in spite of the heavy chassis with its real weakness in combat being its lack of intelligence as it was programmed only for simple tasks. This simplistic CPU is devoid of any form of self defense software which meant that it had to rely on its slow moving task modification and hazard avoidance programs. As such, this made it ill suited for combat scenarios especially against modern technology. This in turn meant that it was limited in the use of its massive pallet forks and impressive strength in battle.

BHF03 Builder

The BHF03 was the next generation in Electrocorps industrial utility droids which combined the humanoid form with that of a primitive neutral network CPU. This improved processor gives the builder the ability to mimic more complex heavy assembly tasks, oversee the production lines and assist in the manufacturing process. It was designed with powerful arms ad a low center of gravity for balance which made it highly adaptable in a combat role. With the use of its huge arms, the droid was capable of swinging in a tremendous arc and land blows with the force of several tons. The upper portion of the machine was heavy and was shaped into an ape-like appearance which meant it leaned forward to presentthe bulk of its top chassis while protecting the comparitively delicate legs. Despite its improved CPU, the Builder had a low intelligence which forced into a defensive position though this made it difficult to overcome.


The Crusher was a series of safety droids that were produced at the Electrocorps plant but were a droid series that were never intended for commercial distribution. While it spent the majority of its time disposing of heavy and toxic industrial waste materials, the Crusher's primary purpose was the immobilization and destruction of malfunctioning production droids. This made it effectively a robot killer that was created to outmanoeuvre and overpower any droid it encountered.

With this aim in mind, the Crusher possessed hi-resoluion sensors which were linked to its CPU and was similar to that of the ECO35-2. This processor downloads information into a robotics design database allowing it to quickly identify an opponent's weak points allowing the Crusher to waste no time in attacking its enemies mechanical jugular points. While it appeared to be fragile appearance, its bug-like form was quite deceptive as it was able to shrug off jarring physical attacks while countering by pinning its enemy with its pincers after which it attempts to demolish tem with its powerful mandibles.

Exterminator Military

Since the day of its creation, Electrocorp had possessed an extensive contract work with the governments military projects which were the bread and butter of the company's profits. One of its contracts involved the creation of a top secret military droid that was code named "the Extemrinator". At the time of the Supervisors takeover of the plant, a numbr of prototypes of these dangerous machines were already created and ready for testing. This means that these dangerous sophisticated weapons of destruction had been corrupted by the EGO virus and there are fears that mass production of the series has begun.

These droids were desiged for a single purpose; combat and were equipped with an advanced CPU learning processor as well as specialized software for unarmed combat. This made them incredibly intelligent and their military nature meant that they were equipped with heavily armored forms. These military droids were highly adaptable to nearly any combat situation. Their arms, legs, hands and feet were crafted from a solid based hyer-dense steel which were wielded and flailed like maces to deliver crushing blows against its enemies.


The Sentry series was another combat oriented droid created by Electrocorp which was a bulky machine that tood 3.5 meters tall which added an intimidation factor into the units. These machines represented the next generation in military robotics visioned by Electrocorp. Despite the power and weaposn carryin capability of large combat droids, it had been noted that historically at a disadvantage agaisnt smaller droids and human opponents. However, the Sentry's high output central power system, super rapid CPU and all-mode threat sensor harware have allowed this droid to overcome that problem.

While it possessed an incredibly girth, its caseharded fiberglass outer shell was sturdy but light a the same time. In addition, it possesse a dorsal mounted jet pack that enhances the droids leaping ability. A quick thinking threat sensor allowed it to introduce countersequences to any attack almost instantaneously. It was decorated in blood red color for easy recognition in battlefield testing making it even more menacing.[2]

The Supervisor

A development from the Leader Project which was a complete departure from conventional robotics designs. The Supervisor represented a dawn in a new age of metallurgy, artificial intelligence and robotic engineering. It was the first droid tt was designed to replace Humans in a managerial role rather than serve in a production position. The purpose of the Supervisor meant that its designers made the unit a self aware machine with a neural learning CPU allowing it to adapt as well as think on its own. Furthermore, the Supervisor relied on a electrical flux physics and the liquid properties of its polymetamorphic titanium alloy. This allowed it to shape the alloy andold itself into any form by adjusting the flow of electrical charge into its body.[3]



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