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An Electronic Fairy is an artificial intelligence that features in Chrome Shelled Regios.



The military Regios of Glendan made it an active campaign to track down the Fallen Ones. Queen Shiori was noted to had dispatched the Salinban Mercenary Training Group with the purpose of capturing the renegade Electronic Fairies and bringing them back to Glendan.


Certain Fairy's that had gone insane were referred to as "Fallen Ones". These were entities from a Regios that had fallen or been destroyed which drove its fairy mad as a result. Such spirits ran amok and sought only destruction for the achievement of their goals. To function, they often sought out hosts that shared similar sentiments as themselves and desired a strong body to house their essence. However, these hosts were required to hold sentiments to sustain the Fallen One yet be ones that could be easily dominated. Fallen Ones were noted for their power which was why human military artists sought them out in order to acquire their strength that could dwarf those of a Filth Monster.


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  • The Funanimation dub for the series refers to them as Electronic Spirits instead of Fairies.


  • Chrome Shelled Regios:

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