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Elerium-115 is an element that features in the X-Com series.



Original Timeline

From Cydonia on Mars, Earth managed to acquire a cache of Elerium that provided for all its power supply needs but human scientists noted that this was a finite resource. As such, for most non-propulsion activities it was used strictly for military use and banned for any other usage. This was until scientists at the Galactic Science Corps managed to create Synthetic Elerium in a laboratory allowing for the manufacture of weapons grade material that could be used for armaments.

Since the first Alien invasion, Elerium became a essential power source on Earth which was needed for both interplanetary travel and military use. In these years, it was mined from distant planetary systems where it was transported back to Earth with its rarity. Due to its rare nature, it was expensive to purchase with small quantities in pods was enough to fetch a high price.

By the 2060's, the Solmine corporation was the primary owner of the Elerium mining operations that it imported directly to cities such as Mega-Primus. This monopoly meant that any rebellions and acts of independence were suppressed by the major corporations in fear of raised Elerium prices and diminished profits.

Reboot Timeline


The substance was an element with unusual properties which allowed it to generate anti-matter energy when it was bombarded by certain particles. The resultant power produced gravity waves as well as other forms of energy. It was believed that Elerium-115 was not naturally found within the Sol system and it could not be reproduced. Alien spacecraft made use of this energy source in their power cores which generated anti-matter energy as well as gravity waves and other forms of useful energy. The conversion of matter to energy with these power cores was with an incredible 99% efficiency which meant only a small quantity of Elerium-115 was needed.

The Aliens made use of Elerium torpedoes as their standard armament that had longer flight time and was more powerful than standard human explosives.

Human corporations stored pods of Elerium in preference over gold due to the stability of its market value which was guaranteed due to its rarity.


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