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Elika is a female human character that features in the new Prince of Persia.



Elika was the daughter of he Mourning King and his wife who lived in the City of the Light. During her childhood, she pretended to not enjoy being a princess but on some nights when her mother told her stories would she reveal her true nature. On one night, she told her mother about a dream she had where the night never ended and that morning never came with her mother revealing that she had a similar dream. Elika asked her mother to describe the dream and she told her daughter about the tale of The Hunter in order for her to learn the importance of wisdom.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

The source of her light based abilities was originally from Ormazd but after the deities departure, she gained her strength from the temple where the Tree of Life resided. Her power was capable of being replenished by being near a light seed.


  • Elika was voiced by actor Kari Wahlgren.


  • Prince of Persia:

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