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Ellen Yin is a female cartoon character that features in The Batman animated series.



Ellen Yin was a female human that was born in modern age Earth where she applied to the police force. This led to her becoming the head of her department at Metropolis before she decided to seek new challenges. This led to her taking a transfer to the Gotham City Police Department where she had reached the rank of detective. During this time, she was assigned the partner of Ethan Bennett with the two operating when Batman operating in Gotham City. At this time, the police had standing orders to apprehend and capture the vigilante where Detective Yin operated to bring him down.

When her partner Ethan Bennett is transformed into Clayface, Yin loses one of her best friends in the city. Ethan's words later keep her from unmasking Batman when she has the opportunity to do so. After she and Batman fight Clayface, Batman gives her a commlink and tells her to call him whenever she needs to. Yin calls Batman her new partner during a coffee shop meeting with Ethan's best friend — Bruce Wayne

Ellen Yin secretly works with Batman and plays a part in bringing in the Riddler. During the episode, Chief Angel Rojas discovers her connection to the Batman and suspends and arrests Yin. Rojas uses her as bait in a trap to impress the newly appointed Commissioner Jim Gordon. Batman helps her escape, and they take down the Riddler along with the Penguin and the Joker. Afterward, Rojas handcuffs Yin, but Gordon orders Rojas to release and reinstate her.

In the episode "Fire & Ice", Ellen attends a charity party hosted by Bruce Wayne. She tells Wayne that she knows his secret, and he initially thinks that she knows he's Batman. However, the "secret" is that Yin realizes that Bruce's "spoiled, arrogant playboy" persona is only a facade.

After the season two finale "Night and the City", Yin makes no further appearances in the series. However, in "Artifacts", it is hinted that Yin becomes the new Commissioner of Gotham City Police Department in 2027.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Yin is a highly trained martial artist; she was skilled enough to defeat the Riddler's henchmen in combat.


  • The character was created specifically for The Batman animated series where she appeared in the first two seasons.
  • She was voiced in English by actress Ming-Na and in Japanese by Kato Yuko.
  • Ellen Yin's character is quite possibly named after Ellen Yindel who featured in Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns who was the Police Commissioner of Gotham City.


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