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Elliot Randolph is a male character that features in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.



Elliot Randolph was a male member of the human appearing alien race of beings from the other dimensional realm of Asgard. In that world, he was a mason who had lived for countless years. During that time, many Asgardians were being recruited for war with Elliot being bored of his life in masonry that he volunteered to join the ranks of warriors. Thus, he abandoned the mundane existence he had in Asgard to travel into the many realms where he joined the ranks of the Berserkers. These were warriors that were given the Berserker Staff that instilled great rage in their hearts and provided the user with the strength of twenty warriors. Randolph made use of such a staff and travelled to Midgard where he participated in a military mission in the 12th century. Whilst on Earth, he came to love the planet and its people thus leading him to remaining in Midgard instead of returning home with the Berserker army. Whilst on Earth, he abandoned the Berserker Staff in his possession and instead adopted life of a pacifist as he did not desire the weapon. Instead, he broke it into three pieces to prevent its dark magic falling into wrong hands. Each piece of the weapon was taken to a different part of the world in order to prevent them from falling into mortal hands by hiding them in various places in Europe. One was placed within a tree at Trillemarka National Park in Norway, another in a crypt in Seville at Spain with the last being kept in a church in Ireland. The last piece was kept at a church where the monks had cared for him and took a vow of silence thus ensuring that no one knew of the existence of the part of the staff. His Asgardian nature allowed Randolph to survive across the centuries where he intended to ensure that none knew of his life. However, in 1546, Elliot fell in love with a French girl and in order to entertain her told her his story. She in turn would tell her brother who was a priest and he wrote down the legend thus creating the tale of "The Warrior Who Stayed."


Personality and attributes

Whilst he joined the Berserkers, he claimed that he hated the effects of the Berserker Staff.

Powers and abilities

Though appearing human, he actually was far stronger than mortals due to his Asgardian nature that allowed him to bend steel with his hand thus deflecting any bladed weapons. He also could regenerate from his wounds which gave him a level of healing greater than that of humans.


  • The character of Elliot Randolph was played by actor Peter MacNicol.
  • Randolph is an original character for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who did not appear in the comics and its not known what his Asgardian name was as it was not stated in the episode.


  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: "The Well" (2013)

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