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The Eloh are an advanced species that appear in the game Tabula Rasa.


The Eloh were a highly advanced and mysterious race that were also known as the Benefactors. They became a highly powerful species due to their knowledge of the science of Logos that allowed them to travel across the galaxy. Their peaceful and friendly disposition meant that they did not use their superior powers to attack others or subdue them but rather to foster as well as support them. To accomplish this, they taught these species the art of Logos but only to those races that were advanced enough to understand it. Amongst those races they taught their science was a xenophobic and aggressive species known as the Thrax. The Thrax instead used this knowledge to wage war against their patrons and attempted to replace the Eloh as the dominant race in the galaxy. Ultimately, the Eloh managed to defeat the Thrax but only at a great loss. The war led to a schism amongst the Eloh over their actions in the future. One faction believed that the Thrax incident was an isolated case and unfortunate exception with them petitioning that they continue sharing their technology with good races. However, another faction called the Neph believed that it was too risky to share their knowledge with lesser races and that the Eloh should use their technology to control the galaxy in a dominant and stringent manner. They believed that this would ensure that no race would ever rise and strike against their kind again.

This dispute eventually deeply fractured the Eloh people and was a spark that led to a civil war. The aggressive Neph faction used the weapons and technology of the Thrax to defeat their more peaceful Eloh brethren whereupon they took over the homeworld. Those peaceful Eloh that survived the purge and were not killed managed to flee through wormholes in order to hide on remote worlds in the galaxy. Meanwhile, the Neph faction without Eloh opposition managed to control the Thrax and used them as a military force. They used them as an army and started a crusade to defeat and subdue any intelligent civilization in the universe. This saw them conquer world after world where they added the enslaved races into their huge army that grew stronger in time and became known as the Bane.

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