Elsa Schneider

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Dr. Schneider in Venice.

Dr. Elsa Schneider was an Austrian scientist who worked with Henry Jones, Sr. at the behest of Walter Donovan. A very alluring young woman, when Professor Jones went missing in Venice, Italy while near to discovering a vital clue to the location of the Holy Grail, Henry's son Indiana Jones came looking for him, as well as to pick up where his father left off. She and Indy found the clue on a knight's shield in the catacombs of Venice, and were then attacked by members of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword.

After escaping, they went searching for Indiana's father and found Henry imprisoned within Castle Brunwald in Austria. It was here that Elsa revealed she was actually a Nazi spy after Henry's Grail diary and the map within it. Like Donovan she was obsessed with the Grail and wanted it for herself. After they found the hidden temple in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, Elsa betrayed Donovan by giving him a false Grail which took his life. She then tried to escape with the real Grail, despite the warnings of the knight who guarded the temple that the cup could not pass the great seal at the entrance.

Taking the Grail past the seal started an earthquake, splitting the ground beneath Elsa's feet. She fell, but Indiana grabbed her hand. The Grail meanwhile landed on a ledge a few feet down. Indy begged Elsa to give him her other hand, but she obsessively tried to reach for the Grail, and Indy lost his grip. Elsa plunged to her death.

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