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The Elves are a species that feature in Dragon Age.



The Elves were an ancient race of long-eared humanoids that once ruled the lands of Thedas. They were once a beautiful race of ethereal immortals that were said o had come from the Fade. Upon manifesting into the material world and built their civilisation. It was said that their society was unchallenged and co-existed in peace with nature as well as spirits. During this time, an unknown conflict was noted to had affected the Elven race. During this time, a group of powerful Elven mages came into power at the end of an unknown war with these first being fearsome generals then respected elders and finally treated as revered gods. In time, these individuals came to become corrupt tyrants that sought to maintain their power leading to them declaring themselves as a pantheon who were known as the Evanuris. They instituted a system of slavery who were marked with facial tattoos known as the Vallaslin as a brand. Such was their corruption that two of their number came oppose their tyranny with these including Mythal who did so subtly and the other being Fen'Harel who did so more overtly. Events spiralled when the Evanuris murdered Mythal leading to an angry Fen'Harel creating the Veil thus separating the Fade from the world with this act banishing the Evanuris to the Beyond as punishment for their actions. A consequence of this was felt by the rest of Elf kind who now lost their immortality as a result of the lost connection to the Fade. This resulted in the doom of their civilization as the foundation of their society was tied to the Fade with their cities and society beginning to crumble as their kind came to be mortal. Around this time, Humans first came to Thedas who were being taught the arts of magic with the Tevinter tribe being the ones to learn from the Elves. Recorded history came to attribute the loss of the Elves immortality to the arrival of Humans who were blamed for this development. In time, the Humans had plundered the knowledge of the Elves and used it to form the Tevinter Imperium.


In appearance, the Elves were humanoids who were resembled humans though possessed a thin frame and pointed ears.

Elves were deeply tied to the Fade and their ancient race was immortal in that time. This was until the creation of the Veil which separated the Fade from them.

Among the modern Elves, a key figure held the position of Keeper within the clan who served as both literal leader and a spiritual leader.

Elvish beliefs included a pantheon known as the Evanuris consisting of gods and goddesses that included:

  • Elgar'nan : the God of Vengeance
  • Mythal : the Great Protector
  • Falon'Din : Friend of the Dead, the Guide
  • Dirthamen : Keeper of Secrets
  • Andruil : Goddess of the Hunt
  • Sylaise : the Hearthkeeper
  • June : God of the Craft
  • Ghilan'nain : Mother of the Halla
  • Fen'Harel : The Dread Wolf

In addition, there was another group of deities said to be enemies of the Elven gods with these being the The Forgotten Ones.

During ancient times, the Elves used the blood writing known as Vallaslin that was used to mark slaves. In time, this was forgotten and came to be a practice continued by the Dalish Elves.

Ancient elves were known to make use of a tool called a Arulin'Holm that was used for wood carving.

Mystical relics of the ancient elves included:

  • Eluvian : these were magically enchanted mirrors that allowed users to communicate with another Eluvian and travel across great distances. A place where all the Eluvians connected to one another was a dimension known as the Crossroads.

A noted place created by the ancient elves was a library called Vir Dirthara (Shattered Library) that was suspended between the physical world and the Fade. It was overseen by an Archivist spirit that the Elves knew as Ghil-Dirthalen.


  • Zevran :
  • Zathrian :
  • Merrill :
  • Fenris :
  • Tallis :
  • Sera :
  • Solas : an ancient male Elf who lived in the era of their empire where he became one of the Envanuris and was worshipped as a god-like figure. This was until the rest of his kin killed Mythal leading to him turning against them and he created the Veil in order to imprison them as punishment for their crimes. As a consequence, the Fade was separated from the world and caused the fall of the Elven empire with Solas being referred to as a trickster god called Fen'Harel.


  • The Elves feature in the setting of Dragon Age.


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