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The Emperor of Mankind is a male character who features in Warhammer 40,000.



Horus, also leader of the Luna Wolves who were later renamed the Sons of Horus in his honor, was the Emperor's most favored and honored son. But after The Great Crusade Horus, along with many Space Marine chapters, were corrupted by and turned to the powers of chaos. Horus is arguably the greatest champion of chaos to have ever lived, being measured not by physical power but by the accomplishments he achieved. Having successfully ravaged the Imperium and being the warhost to the Traitor Legions, Horus managed to spearhead into the heart of the Empire and siege the Emperor's palace on Terra herself. The Emperor and Horus were inevitably and inexorably drawn into single combat- the story would suck otherwise. Before chaos forces groundside could reach the Emperor and hack him to bits, Horus teleported his father along with the Terminator Guard around him up into his chaos flagship, the Vengeful Spirit, which orbited above Holy Terra. In a colossal and legendary battle resulting in the glorious death of Horus, and the mortal wounding of the Star Child himself, the Horus Heresy came to a bloody halt. But his insurrection would live on with his son, "Abaddon the Destroyer." With their Lord dead, the Traitor Legions retreated back into the Eye of Terror.

But this was a hollow victory for the Imperium, obviously. In desperation to keep the God-Emperors life, a sarcophagus was wrought to forever preserve his body, and thus encase his spirit. Known as The Golden Throne, the Emperor forever sleeps in a coma, existing in the world between life and death. Unable to willingly give orders or rule his empire in such a state, perhaps remaining so for the rest of eternity, his Senatorum Imperialis, the twelve High Lords of Terra rule in his stead. He resides unmoving and unwaking within his palace-citadel of Holy Terra under the watchful and elite guard of Adeptus Custodes, his own personal protectorate.


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  • The Emperor of Mankind was created by Games Workshop where he featured in the setting of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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  • Warhammer 40,000:

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