Enforcer Drones (Spaced Invaders)

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An Enforcer Drone.

Enforcer Drones are robots that feature in Spaced Invaders.



Enforcer Drones were sophisticated intelligent drones that were created by an advanced interstellar race of Martians that journeyed through space. They were developed for use by the Martian Imperial Atomic Space Navy where they operated to ensure loyalty and morale by eliminating anyone that disobeyed orders. The Martian Emperor ordered the creation of the drones to keep discipline within his military forces. Within the Navy, the Battle Group Seven was noted to had suffered the greatest casualties of any attack force in the fleet. Due to these losses, the commanding Admiral was subjected to disciplinary termination thus ending his tour of duty. In his place, his Imperial Majesty's representative showcased the deployment of the Enforcer Drone to the fleet's command staff as it patrolled through the Martian Territorial Frontier. Similar Drones had been instituted on all Martian ships in the galaxy as the Battle Group was being deployed in an assault on the Arcturus System. The Imperial Majesty's representative had assumed direct command of the fleet and used the Enforcer Drones to maintain the master invasion plan of the system. A member of the command staff refused to have an Enforcer Drone with him as he believed that battle plans changed in the field and would not send his men in such situations. However, the drone terminated him for the dissent leading to the rest of the command staff quickly falling in line.


In appearance, these drones were large floating robotic entities with a domed head and somewhat insectoid features with two large receptor eyes. Beneath the head was a long somewhat cylindrical body that contained four limbs two of which were pincer shaped claws. By the head was a chamber that opened up to reveal an energy weapon that fired a blaster bolt which killed targets leaving only burning skeletal remains behind. Enforcers were governed by their programming and strict in ensuring its completion regardless of the situation. As such, they did not allow an adaptation of a strategy and instead continued with their programming by terminating any dissenting opinion. Enforcers were created for the express purpose of ensuring that the master invasion plan was completed. Any deviations from that strategy were subject to immediate disciplinary review whereby the drone terminated the target. It was deemed that this was a sufficient means of eliminating any weak links within the command chain of the military.


  • The Enforcer Drone was voiced by actor Patrick Johnson.


  • Spaced Invaders:

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