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Entropy is a comic cosmic being who features in Marvel Comics.



Entropy was a cosmic being and abstract entity that was a child of Eternity who represented the universe. (Captain Marvel v6 #5) He stood alongside the other members of Eternity's children namely Gravitation and Explosion. (Starbrand & Nightmask v1 #3)


Personality and attributes

According to him, his father Eternity had rejected him due to his desire to undo the universe. (Captain Marvel v6 #5)

Powers and abilities

He was referred to as the spirit of the Big Freeze that sought to bring an end to all creation forever though the heat death of the universe. (Starbrand & Nightmask v1 #3) It was his nature that meant that he was outside the cosmos and therefore beyond the scope of detection even by those with Cosmic Awareness. (Captain Marvel v6 #5)


  • Entropy was created by Peter David and ChrisCross where they made their first appearance in Captain Marvel v5 #2 (December, 2002).

In other media


  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, Entropy was referenced in supplementary material for the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was referenced in the pages of The Art of Guardians of the Galaxy which stated that he came into being at the beginning of the universe alongside his father Eternity with destruction being his driving factor as he struggled against his parent whose purpose was creation. Thus, the pair kept the cycle of creation and destruction in balance. Concept art showed Entropy using the Orb killing people and using the Infinity Stone's power.


  • Captain Marvel v5:
  • Starbrand & Nightmask v1:

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