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The Epirus Bow is a weapon that features in the movie Immortals.



The Epirus Bow's origins were dated to the time of the war between the various godly immortals. It was considered a weapon that had been forged by Hercules with legends of this being circulated among mortals. During this conflict, the weapon became lost though the victors became declared as gods whilst the vanquished were called Titans that were imprisoned in the bowels of Mount Tartarus. The law of the gods held that their kind were not to intervene in the affairs of man unless the Titan themselves were releasesd from captivity. King Hyperion sought out the Epirus Bow in order to use it to release the Titans from their imprisonment as part of his vengeance against the gods of Olympus. He intended to use the weapon to rule all of mankind and attempted to discern the location of the artifact which saw Heraklion legions destroying every shrine to the Greek gods. Thus, he lay siege and took control of the Sibyellines Monastery during his quest to retrieve the bow. The Sibyellines oracle was noted to be able to see where the Epirus Bow resided whilst the gods themselves came to realise that Hyperion was getting closer to finding its resting place. Ultimately, it was discovered in Kolpos encased in stone and recovered by Theseus which he used to save his comrades when they were captured by a Heraklion patrol. According to the oracle, the bow in the hands of Theseus would bring about Hellenes victory over Hyperion. However, at the pit, Theseus along with his friends fell into a trap where a Heraklion hound took the weapon which was brought to King Hyperion.


It was described as being a weapon of unimaginable power.

Though seemingly a bow, it did not come with arrows but instead generated its own magical weapons with no need for physical arrows. Once the string was pulled, a light-based arrow was formed which hit their targets with great concussive force.


  • Theseus : a male Hellenic who, according to the oracle, the bow was fated to return and be wielded by Theseus in order to defeat King Hyperion.
  • Hyperion : a male warlord who lost faith in the gods an intended to retrieve the bow in order to free the Titans and gained the weapon after it was brought to him by a Heraklion hound who had snatched it from Theseus.

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