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The Eternal Torch was an artifact that featured in Hercules and the Circle of Fire.


The Eternal Torch was an supernatural artifact gifted to the world of Man and provided warmth and fire to mortals. It was stolen by Hera in her attemp at destroying Humans as they were incapable of surviving without fire with all life dying as a result of the act.

In order to find the Torch, Hercules journeyed to meet the Titan Prometheus who was frozen as a result of the theft of the Eternal Torch. She had taken it to Mount Aepion where it was placed in the centre of a ring of fire which had the power of killing even immortals. Hercules managed to go through the fire and retrieve the Torch which was thrown to Prometheus's home and awoke the Titan. As a result, fire returned to the world thus giving life back to the world.

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