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Eternia is a planet that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.



Eternia was a world situated at the center of the universe with its core lying the Star Seed which was a spark left over from the creation of the universe. A prehistoric period in the planet's history was know as Preternia that possessed numerous dinosaur-like monsters alongside giants, and cavemen. Eternia used to be an incredibly advanced civilization that evolved through centuries of barbarism, enlightenment, and scientific technology. Some of Eternia's ancient civilizations possessed very advanced technology, and left many ruins and artifacts behind. One such race is the Egyptian-like Osirians who used to live in the Sands of Time.


Locations in Eternia included:

  • Dark Hemisphere :
  • Eternos :
  • Castle Grayskull :
  • Snake Mountain :
  • Sea of Rakash :
  • Sands of Time :
  • Widget Fortress : Home of the Widgets.
  • Temple of Shokoti : Formerly hidden ancient temple, home to the evil sorceress Shokoti.
  • Temple of the Sun : An ancient temple in the Sands of Time, which houses many ancient treasures and secrets. Surrounded by continuity discrepancies, as its purpose and design has varied between its episode appearances.
  • Temple of the Cats : An ancient, Egyptian-like temple that is home to a race of Cat People, thought to be extinct until recently.
  • Castle Star : An apparently ancient castle, for a while owned by the alien, Lord Todd, who turns the castle into a complex of life-size games.
  • Eternian Weather Station : A weather station in Eternia's northernmost regions owned by King Randor and run by his guardsmen. It monitors weather as well as allowing control over weather conditions on Eternia.
  • Station Sata : A scientific research center.
  • Evergreen Forest :
  • Anwat Gar :
  • Subternia :
  • Point Dread :
  • Golden Islands :

Races that inhabited the world included:

  • Humans :
  • Gar :
  • Qadians :
  • Avionians :
  • Speleans :
  • Caligars :
  • Pelleezeans :
  • Andreenids :
  • Arachnas :
  • Kulataks :
  • Aquaticans :
  • Karikoni :
  • Giants :
  • Snake Men :


  • King Grayskull :
  • Faceless One :
  • King Hiss :
  • Sorceress :
  • King Randor :
  • He-Man :
  • Skeletor :
  • Evil-Lynn :

In other media


  • In He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Eternia featured in the setting of the 2002 animated television series.


  • In Masters of the Universe, Eternia appeared in the setting of the 1987 live-action film.


  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe:

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