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EuroCorp is a business that features in the video game series Syndicate.



EuroCorp was a corporate entity formed in the early 21st century during the internal breakdown of the European Community in 2017. It was the first of the megacorporations to form on Earth after the merger between Kader Industrieen and Euroline Medical. By the year 2021, they established their North American branch. During a period of distrust and aggression, the CHIP was perfected which eased the mutual aggressions amongst the population. It kept the populace occupied whilst competing governments began to fall under corporate interests leading to the rise of the Syndicates. Among the only survivors of the corporate struggles was EuroCorp which held a monopoly on the production of CHIP production though this would not last forever. In 2025, the introduced the first model of the bio-chip known as the DART. By 2069, they were at the height of their power but this year saw the beginning of the syndicate wars as Cayman Global initiated a hostile takeover of the North American division.


They were headquartered in Geneva, Western Europe.


  • Jack Denham : CEO
  • Lilly Drawl : scientist
  • Jules Merit : Agent
  • Miles Kilo : Agent


  • Syndicate:

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