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The European Federation was a Human government that featured in Tom Clancy's EndWar.



A superpower entity that was created in the wake of the nuclear war that was fought between Iran and Saudia Arabia in the year 2016. The ensuring power catastrophe resulting in most of Europe uniting to form the European Federation - a state that UK and Ireland did not join. After banding together into a single nation, they began to become a powerful state in the world. The Enforcers Corps was created to serve as its primary military force made up of veteran elite counter terrorist as well as peacekeeping forces.



Enforcer Corps

A highly calm and precise group of experienced trained soldiers that were skilled in urban warfare. Their weapons were not highly precise as those of the JST but excel in electronic warfare as well as advanced directed energy weapons and possess fast vehicles. They also have access to the worlds best less lethal forms of weapons.



The Grenadiers were a highly educated and extremely intelligent type of soldier who were well equipped for their role on the battlefield. What make them different from the SGB and the JSF was their use of non-lethal weaponry and ballistic shields as their combat doctrine emphasises the use of non-lethal force to prevent unnnecessary killings. The high amount of training to become a Grenadier meant that its members were older than an average soldier that served in the European Federation's armed services.

Their primary armament was not a light machinegun but instead a long range wide area and non lethal taser weapon that was attached to their ballistic shield. Furthermore, they made use of a millimeter-wave Active Denial System that did not kill its targets but served as a suppression device. Any enemy riflemen that were disabled by the weapon was capable of being killed by more conventional firearms if they need arose. They also had high tech components of their infantry gear included a comms system and tough body armor which blended in French as well as German next-generation infantry technology whose predecessor was first issued in 2004. Since that time, the equipment has been constantly updated and improved upon making it the most well designed body armor in the world, at least in terms of comfort and usability though it provided less protection then its SGB and JSF counterparts.

These engineers of the Enforcer were also armed with the German manufactured MP12 sub machinegun which was equipped with 4.6mm ammunition that was effective against body armor. A downside was their small size which limited its knock down power. Against armored threats, a Grenadier was capable of using a MILANA-2 advanced anti-armor shoulder launched missile


The Kommandos come from elite special operation groups from various member groups of the European Federation which is considered an advantage by European commanders. Units of Kommandos were encouraged to stick with the tactics and battle doctrines of their original units rather then stick to a uniform set of rules. This means that each division of EC Kommandos deployed behaved uniquely and differently to one another. EF commanders feel that this provides a level of uncertainity that can confuse the enemy and allow for more specialized deployments. All members of the Enforcer Corps excel in urban and counter terror operations.

A number of conflicts in the late 20th and early 21st century showed that the 5.56mm NATO was a weapon that was lacking on the battlefield. When the Federation broke away from NATO, it was decided that a new rifle cartridge was required for the Enforcer Corps to which they went for the 7mm NATO around. After that event, manufacturers in Belgium, France and Austria began mass production of the weapon for the Kommandos.

The tactics and strategies of the Enforcer Corps Kommando groups often differed from one another which kept the enemy at their toes and allowed for individual groups to fulfil specialize niches within the Federation. They are most skilled in urban combat, however, and few can match their ability to storm into enemy buildings and secure uplinks. This was because of the dissemination of CQC tactics to a large pool of urban elite combat and counter terrorist groups such as GSG-9 and GIGN. This makes the Enforcer Corps a type of descendant of Rainbox Six which further enhances its strength. Kommandos of the Enforcer Corps pride themselves on their professionalism and ability to keep to their very high standards making them a type of modern medieval knight as they are chivalrous, brave and steadfast in their beliefs. However, this should not be confused for softness or weakness as they are capable of carrying out their orders with chilling efficiency and are not afraid to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.




EFEC Laser Sat

This was the most advanced weapon available to the Enforcer Corps that were established in 2020 by the launching of a military satellite that was outfitted with a revolutionary type of directed energy weapon. Though referred to as a laser, they made use of techniques that baffled American and Russian scientists. The destructive capabilities of the satellite were beyond that of any Advanced Tactical High Energy Laser known. The physical design itself suggested perhaps a type of high powered chemical laser.

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