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A Face Dancer is a human derived species that feature in Dune.



Originally, Face Dancers were created by the Tleilaxu who trained them to mimic others through the use of make-up involving enhanced plastic surgery techniques and a high degree of acting. In time, the Bene Tleilaxu managed to perfect the art of genetic manipulation allowing them to enhance the natural ability in phenotypic plasticity. Such was the depth of this modification that the Face Dancers could change their height, increase or decrease their apparent mass, change coloring and texture as well as change facial features.


They had the ability to take the physical form of any other individual. This was the reason for the name of their species as they were able to change the shape of their face that seemingly 'danced' as it moved. Typically, they were able mimic an individual with complete precision to the point of perfection. It was this trait that led to the Bene Tleilax deploying them to infiltrate organizations and governments. Their masters normally used them to replace targets with the Face Dancers doing it with such a degree of perfection that they were able to serve as imposters successfuly for many years. Face Dancers were neither male nor female yet despite this fact they were able to take the physical sex of an individual that they intended to copy. Despite able to emulate a gender, they were in fact incapable of breeding.


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Video games

A Face Dancer in Emperor: Battle for Dune.
  • In Emperor: Battle for Dune, a Face Dancer was shown as a spy who served as their prime agent in ensuring the plan of the Spacing Guild to breed the Emperor Worm. This Face Dancer took the identity of the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother and ensuring the capture of the Lady Elara in order to harvest the Water of Life from her body. Elara just prior to the harvest managed to uncover the Face Dancer's deception who changed to his true form that was a scaled dark green skinned being with a gravely voice.


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