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The Federal Reproductive Board was a government agency that featured in an episode of The Outer Limits.


The history of the Board is linked to the world crisis faced by Earth where the U.S. government was involved in a war in the Middle East. The conflict was fought through the use of chemical weapons by both sides which were designed to degrade to prevent their lingering presence. However, the two chemicals interacted with one another and created a new biological weapon that permeated the environment. This was Tridaxin which became known as Dark Rain who's effects were faced on a global level. The possible effects of the chemical weapons were warned by members of the U.S. government but were disregarded before it was too late.

The effect of the Tridaxin resulted in the near sterility of the Human race with those few children being born suffering from horrific birth defects. With such a global crisis, it seemed that the Human race was facing extinction. Thus. the U.S. government sponsored the development of the Federal Reproductive Board; an organization that sought to help repopulate the Human race by finding those children free from birth defects. With a dedicated staff of doctors and security troops, the Board's Chairman began a ruthless approach of finding all pregnant woman and watching over them until their pregnancy was over.

Their actions resulted in seeing the birth of numerous deformed children that brought about the death of the mothers. They sought to find viable immune Humans who were to breed constantly with one another in order to help to repopulate the Human race.

Its unknown what the fate of the FRB is but its suspected that its members died of natural deaths allowing the free Humans to inherit the Earth.


The head of the Federal Reproductive Board held the position of Chairman and reported directly to the U.S. President.

Their staff were only concerned with the birth of perfect Human beings who were free from Tridaxin poisoning in their systems. Thus, they ferociously guarded such children from even their own parents and sought to use those who were immune to Dark Rain to breed in order to help continue the Human race as they knew it.


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