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Feltrite is a mineral that features in RAGE.


Feltrite was a crystalline substance that existed on the meteor 99942 Apophis that was heading towards Earth. After crashing into the planet, the mineral was introduced onto the planet. It proved to be very strong and lightweight which made it ideal construction material. Notable qualities included it being highly attracted to gravitational pulls that led to some theories holding it responsible for the changing the course of the Apophis meteor towards Earth. In addition, rumors held that it was responsible for the mutations that occured amongst Humans in the Wastelands. Its structure allowed surviving Humans to develop stronger types of ammunition and armor. Furthermore, it was a prime substance for the creation of EMP grenades by using Feltrite power packs.

The refining process was complicated and filled with danger as Feltrite was capable of being used as an explosive. The Shrouded Clan were known for attempting to use Feltrite as explosives that was discovered by Antonin Kvasir. In addition, the Gearheads were known to also use it as a component in nuclear synthesis process in order to produce massive amounts of energy. Such benefits meant that it was used in a variety of different fields and these crystals were both highly prized as well as valuable. They were noted for never being sold for their rarity and some were known to entice individuals into giving them their supply of Feltrite for a worthwhile offer.


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