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Fenix is an extraterrestrial video game character who features in StarCraft.



Fenix, aged 397 years at the beginning of StarCraft, rose up in the Templar ranks alongside his close friend Tassadar. He fought in countless battles and proved himself to be one of the greatest Protoss warriors of all time. When the Zerg invaded Aiur, the stalwart Fenix stood in defense of the Province of Antioch. However, his forces were overwhelmed by the Zerg. The new Protoss Executor was able to rescue him, however. When Tassadar contacted Aldaris with information about Zerg Cerebrates, a weak spot in their hierarchy, Fenix agreed to test the new strategy for Tassadar over Aldaris' silent objection. The test, however, was a failure, as they had not received complete information from Tassadar. Aldaris ordered a strike against the Zerg forces in the province of Scion, leaving Fenix behind with a small detachment to defend the outpost in Antioch. During the Second Battle of Antioch, Fenix and his companions were overrun by the Zerg. Unfortunately, in the ensuing events, and a catastrophic failure of Protoss blade technology, Fenix fell in battle against a Hydralisk. However, his "corpse" was recovered and placed into a modified Dragoon exo-skeleton.

When Tassadar returned to Aiur, Fenix joined his rebellion against the Protoss Conclave. Fenix, along with the Dark Templar, assisted in the destruction of the Heart of the Conclave, but Tassadar surrendered and was spirited away by Aldaris. The Dark Templar vanished, and Fenix wondered if it was a good idea for Tassadar to have put his trust into them. Meanwhile, Tassadar was being held by the Conclave in a Protoss Stasis Cell until they could conclude his trial for treason. Fenix knew that the trial would not be fair, and they would sentence Tassadar to death. As he gathered his forces for a desperate attack, Jim Raynor decided to join him in the Hyperion. Fenix fought alongside Jim Raynor, who taught Fenix the valor and bravery of the Terrans. With his help, along with a Dark Templar ambush, Fenix was able to rescue Tassadar. Fenix joined in the attacks against the Zerg Cerebrates on Aiur, with the aid of Zeratul, then moved through the weakened Zerg defenses around the Zerg Overmind. The attack was failing when Tassadar sacrificed himself to destroy the Overmind.

The friendship of Fenix and Jim Raynor became so strong that they stayed together in order to protect the Warp Gate that transported the Protoss to the planet of Shakuras when they had to retreat from Aiur. Fenix said that his duty was to Aiur, after all. After the United Earth Directorate invaded the Koprulu Sector, Fenix and Raynor joined an unusual alliance with Sarah Kerrigan and Arcturus Mengsk to oppose them. Fenix never trusted Kerrigan, but he followed Raynor's lead. Raynor's Raiders assisted in the destruction of the Psi Disruptor, the Directorate's powerful anti-Zerg weapon, enabling Kerrigan to rebuild her forces to attack the Directorate's forces on Korhal. In order to do so, Kerrigan needed ten thousand units of minerals to increase the size of her Zerg Swarm, and the best place to acquire that kind of wealth was Moria, one of the richest resource nodes in the sector. Of course, the Kel-Morian Combine would object to this kind of invasion. Fenix personally led the Zerg forces in acquiring the minerals from Moria. During the battle, Fenix disdained the fuel raid he was on, wishing he could fight the huge epic battles of his youth. Raynor taunted him for sounding like a tired, old man, but Fenix said he could still throw down with the best of them. During the battle, Fenix wondered why the Kel-Morian Combine did not oppose the United Earth Directorate, which had overthrown their former masters, the Terran Dominion. He was so offended he didn't try to stop Kerrigan from transforming Combine forces into Infested Terrans.

Fenix, Raynor, Mengsk and Kerrigan led their collected forces against the United Earth Directorate, which had conquered the former Dominion throne world of Korhal IV. While they defeated the UED and the enslaved Zerg, Kerrigan and Samir Duran engineered a betrayal. Fenix called her betrayal foul, and prepared to face her forces on the battlefield. Kerrigan said that he was so predictable, "you Protoss are your own worst enemy". This was a lesson she had learned from Fenix's old friend, Tassadar. "The Khala awaits me, Kerrigan. And although I am prepared to face my destiny, you'll not find me easy prey!" declared Fenix. Those were his last recorded words, for he fell to the forces of the Zerg. Upon his death, Kerrigan mocked Raynor, saying that Fenix died the way all Protoss hope to do: in combat. Raynor, in a grim mood, promised he would kill Kerrigan because of this betrayal.


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  • Fenix was created by Blizzard Entertainment where he was voiced by actor Bill Roper.

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