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Fiore is a country that features in Fairy Tail.



The Kingdom of Fiore (フィオーレ王国 Fiōre Ōkoku) was one among the many countries that existed on Earth Land.

Princess Hisui was approached by a person claiming to be from the future who stated that the kingdom was going to be destroyed by a horde of 10,000 dragons. She disbelieved the person but they claimed that in the Grand Magic Games that the Fairy Tail Guild would win despite the odds. Thus, Hisui waited to see the outcome of the games before deciding on the next course of action with her being informed that the Eclipse Gate could be used as a weapon against the dragon horde. The prediction ultimately came to pass that Fairy Tail would win with Princess Hisui using the magic from Celestial Wizards to activate the gate. However, she was tricked as the gate at the time opened on the night of a red moon which caused it to open during the ancient time when dragons ruled and preyed on mankind. At least seven such dragons then passed through the Eclipse Gate where they attacked the kingdom forcing the various guilds together to fight to defeat the powerful creatures.


Locations in the kingdom included:

  • Crocus :
  • Magnolia Town :
  • Hargeon Town :
  • Shirotsume Town :
  • Clover Town :
  • Borwatt Town :
  • Margaret Town :
  • Magic Library : a tower containing a large number of books that detailed history, magic and held other relics.

The king of Fiore resided in the Flower Light Palace Mercurius that was a castle and palace situated in the centre of the capital of Crocus.

It maintained its own independent unit of executioners that operated in the shadows with these being the Garou Knights (餓狼騎士団 Garō Kishidan) who were tasked with executing criminals. Only rumours were known of their existence with many initially doubting their truth with the knights guarding the Abyss Palace where they killed those sent there.

A key item within the kingdom's arsenal was the magical relic known as the Eclipse Gate. This ancient gateway had ties to the realm of the Celestial Spirits along with arts from the Book of Zeref and could also store magical energy. It could be activated through the use of all Celestial Spirit Keys of the Zodiac where it could be used to travel back in time. An alternative function was to use the collected energy to fire a blast of magic power that rivalled that of the Magic Council's Etherion weapon. The existence of the Gate was a closely guarded secret and it was said that it broke dozens of magical rules set forth by the Magic Council.

The monetary unit of the Fiore Kingdom was Jewels.


  • Toma E. Fiore :
  • Hisui E. Fiore :
  • Kama :
  • Cosmos :
  • Kamika :
  • Uosuke :
  • Neppa :


  • Fiore served as the primary setting in Fairy Tail.
  • The word "Fiore" was Italian for "flower" with all of city's and towns in the kingdom named after flowers or trees.


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