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The FireStarter as seen in the FireStarter intro cinematic.

The FireStarter is a virtual reality machine central to the plot of the 2004 video game FireStarter.


The FireStarter was a state-of-the-art virtual reality machine that granted access to a game world of the same name. In 2010, the FireStarter was infected with a computer virus that trapped the consciousness of its current player inside and altered the rules of the game to make it much more difficult to complete. The only way for the player to escape alive was to complete the game within 48 hours; but if he failed, he would die in the real world.

One player, a bald man, failed to complete the game in time and was killed by the machine. The next player to enter the FireStarter in an attempt to complete the game was a man with long black hair (a stand-in for the real-world players of FireStarter).


  • FireStarter (2004 video game)

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