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Fire Drake was a Beastial that appeared in Spider-man Unlimited.


Fire Drake was the result of Sir Ram's experimentation in the evolution of the Beastial species. He was a reptilian creature with dragonic features as well as yellowish scaly skin, membranes beneath his arms that served as wings and a tail. From his beak-like mouth he was capable of shooting out streams of flame capable of burning most objects. He was considered the first success by Sir Ram who intended to create many more like him.

He served as Sir Ram's primary enforcer within Beastial Beauty Cosmetics which worked to secretly capture Humans in order to experiment on them. Some of his henchmen in capturing a Human attracted the attention of Spider-man and the Vulture who followed the medical van to the corporation headquarters where Fire Drake challeneged them. Through his henchmen, he was able to defeat both of them and placed them in research and development where he informed his master, Sir Ram.

After the prisoners escaped, Fire Drake attempted to defeat them once more but he himself was beaten when Spider-man lodged a canister of liquid nitrogen in his mouth causing it to explode. He survived but was beaten and lay unconscious at the top of the building. His fate after these events is unknown.

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